We all are digital


Hello, Dear Reader

Hi, this is the official page for “We all are digital” eBook. Only here you can buy is the e-book. You can also write to the author message or discuss in comments.
Briefly about this book. It’s not a big book, but to understand its essence it will take a long time to think. Try to read each word carefully written by the author and understand what kind of message he sends you. Then you find answers to questions like “Who am I?”, “Who manages my thoughts and my actions,” “How the world is done,” and similar questions. Dont be someone like other want you tobe- be Yourself. There is no past and no future, you living now…
Do you know, that 80% citisens around the Globe, waik up in the morning, eat brecfest, go to the work, do some job to earn some money, come back at everything home, eat diner, going to sleep. Thats all. Its catastrofy, but a lot of people dreaming to live like that. But isnt it the simple and primitive pc game, when you must do something to collect few golden coins? Is it your life mision?…
Almost all people afraid to die. Why? After you read my ebook, you will understand, that death is a part of our life. What is deadth for worm,- birth for buterflay…
Have a nice reading.

we all digital